A video of two robot dogs battling with lions and cheetahs at Sydney zoo has received more than 16 million plays and nearly 1w interactions on YouTube, with some believing the animals are terrified by the robot dogs“the Cheetahs behaved like that because the robot gave no sign of fear whatsoever”,others were amazed by the robot’s athletic ability“I was a lot more surprised by the sheer SPEED and maneuverability of the robot to be honest!”

As the video continues to get more attention since June 2021, someone has figured out the identity of the robot, which turns out to be the A1 robot dog from Unitree Robotics.
According to other videos on web, the A1 robot dog can stride and crawl freely over rough roads without falling over, which makes it stand out against wheeled, tracked and aerial robots.
With this agility, the A1 robot dog not only approaches the beast without flinching, but also “provokes” the lion by crawling back and forth, jumping, dancing and rolling.
The lions inside the fence also seem to be curious about this new “species”. From the moment they spotted the A1 robot dog, they never took their eyes off it and moved along with it.
The filmmaker mentions that if a keeper is suddenly attacked by a lion while feeding it, the A1 robot dog might be used to distract the lion and buy time to rescue the keeper, reducing the risk of the work.
On the official website of the manufacturer Unitree Robotics, there are many more dexterous robots like the A1, from Go1 with affordable price to Aliengo and B1 with more loaded. They have even designed the Z1 robot arm specifically for robotic dogs, allowing them not only to move and carry equipment, but also to actively interact with the outside world in a more flexible way, thus allowing them to be used in industrial applications such as electrical inspections and pipeline inspections.  


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