Unitree Robotics

Intelligence Concomitant Bionic Quadruped Robot

Robot Dog

Unitree Go1

World's first intelligence bionic quadruped robot of consumer level, lightweight, take it everywhere, made for robot fans, education and scientific research.


New Technology, Professional-Grade Quadruped Robot, High Explosive Athletic Performance, Multi-view Deep Sensing Vision, Complex Terrain Adaption.

Unitree B1

IP68 Waterproof, Industrial Level Heavy Loader, Great application potential in agriculture, industry, specific security patrols, surveys and exploration.

Our Story

Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned robotics company focusing on independent research and development, production and sales of consumer-grade and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. We are the first company in the world to openly retail high-performance quadruped robots, and its sales have been leading in the world over the years.