Unitree G1

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Unitree Go2

New Creature of Embodied AI

Unitree B2

Lead The Industry Application. You can contact us directly to obtain price.

Unitree H1

Embodied AI, Price below $90k

Robot Dog

Unitree Go2

In the spirit of technical innovation and industrial leadership, Unitree is coming back ! With standard 4D Ultra-wide LIDAR and big model GPT empowerment, a new creature of embodied AI—Unitree Go2 joins you to explore the future world!

Unitree G1

Unlock unlimited sports potential (Extra large joint movement space angle, 23~43 joints) .Force control of dexterous hands, manipulation of all thingsImitation & reinforcement learning driven. Robot world model, let’s create it together 

Unitree B2

Industrial Level Heavy Loader, Great application potential in agriculture, industry, specific security patrols, surveys and exploration.170% increase in joint performance with 360 N.m of torque, 100% increase in continuous walking with load greater than 40kg, Go Beyond the Limits, Lead The Industry Application.

GO-M8010-6 Motor

The GO-M8010-6 permanent magnet synchronous motor is designed for high-performance robots and provides a strong driving force with a high level of integration. The motor is perfectly matched to the reduction. It has a built-in FOC control algorithm, a built-in temperature sensor and an absolution value encoder. It is the first choice for robot competitions, DIY creation, scientific research and education, robotics field, etc.

Our Story

Unitree Robotics is a world-renowned robotics company focusing on independent research and development, production and sales of consumer-grade and industry-grade high-performance quadruped robots and dexterous robotic arms. We are the first company in the world to openly retail high-performance quadruped robots, and its sales have been leading in the world over the years.


UNITREE SPORT is the first portable fitness equipment with a built-in motor that cleverly controls resistance from start to finish, for a consistent pump that works your muscles evenly on every lift and pull. Designed by award-winning robotics engineers and fitness experts, PUMP anchors to any doorway, chair, and even your ankle to pack 1000’s of intense workouts into one tiny kit — giving you the power of a rowing machine, squat rack, dumbbells and cables anywhere.