In recent years, the remarkable application of power inspection robots in the field of power inspection has attracted increasing attention. Unitree, a globally renowned company specializing in quadruped robot R&D, first put quadruped robots into pragmatic use worldwide in 2017. The company recently released its latest power intelligent inspection solution based on its Quadruped Robot B1, which takes the bright future of AI technology application in sight and sees brilliant results in the multi-operation with inspection sectors.

  1. Cutting-edge Recognition System & Real-time Information Transmission

Equipped with various advanced recognition devices, Unitree Quadruped Robot B1 attains real-time information transmission and efficient and high-precision power inspection. Carrying 3D LIDAR allows the robot to automatically plan an inspection path to avoid collisions in real time while scanning and establishing pictures with high accuracy, which greatly reduces the error and time costs when inspecting. Besides, super telephoto camera can read the meter data remotely and quickly, while the thermal imaging dual-spectrum head can monitor various temperature changes to ensure the safe and stable operation of equipment, which proves its high practical value in specific application scenarios.

  1. Self-developed AI Algorithms & Independent Solutions to Problems

Applied with self-developed AI algorithms, Unitree Quadruped Robot B1 is able to solve different problems automatically in every part of the inspection. The nimble Mechanical Arm Z1 can manipulate work like controlling switches and pressing buttons, in spite of the excellent performance that AI algorithm intelligent identification of the object optimizes the inspection of the robot. Based on Unitree Inspection System developed by Unitree itself, the robot can not only designate flexible tasks, but also provide connection to a third-party system. For example, the robot is able to produce and upgrade effective inspection reports with a view to help power staff trace and maintain the operation status of the equipment. 

  1. Ultra-high Protection Grade & Around-the-clock Inspection

ultra-high IP66 resistance, the strong guarantee for around-the-clock inspection, enables Unitree Quadruped Robot B1 to keep functional and robust in inclement weather. With a super long battery runtime, the robot’s single inspection lasts more than 2 hours, covering an extremely wide inspection radius. When an inspection is finished, the robot will automatically charge itself, which not only saves labour, but also maintains the efficient and stable operation of inspection and guarantees the continuity and stability of power operation.

Unitree stands as an innovative and leading tech company in quadruped robot development, providing a new intelligent inspection solution to the power industry and facilitating the development of China’s science and technology and AI robotics. We believe that Unitree will move forward with more excellent future partners to bring AI robotics development to the next level and science, technology and economy to prosperity.