Unitree Go1

$3,500.00 USD
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Shipping costs $1000 per unit
Duty not included, US needs to charge 25 percent duty

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Unitree Go1 is capable of running at 4.7m/s, and is featured with Intelligent Side-Follow System (ISS), Super Sensory System (SSS) and built-in powerful AI.

Unitree Go1

The World's First Intelligence Bionic Quadruped Robot of Consumer Level

Intelligent Side-Following System

Adopt Patented Wireless Vector Positioning And Control Technology

1.Robot walks alongside its human master, which is much better than the conventional following mode. Besides, the human-machine interaction is both harmonious and safe.

2.No need to worry about the robot since it's right beside you.

3.Capable of helping robot choosing better route in  complex environment.

Built-in Powerful AI

16 core CPU + GPU(384Core, 1.5TFLOPS);

For comparison, the Nvidia TX2 only has CPU (4 cores) +GPU(256Core, 1.3TFlops) with price at 468+dollar.

Strong & Reliable Power System 

New Power Joint With Super Lightweight

Low Noise And Long Life

Heat Pipe Cooling System Built In The Knee Joint Motor

Body/thigh joints: C1-8: 520g   23.70N.m

Knee joint: C1-8×1.5ratio  35.55N.m