Disclaimer and warning in use of Unitree Robotics Robot Dog series products

Disclaimer and Warning

To avoid illegal acts, possible injuries and losses, the following provisions must be observed:
1. Please read this document and User Manual carefully before using this product to understand your legal rights, responsibilities, and safety instructions; Otherwise, it may cause property damage, safety accidents and personal safety hazards; Once you use the product, you will be deemed to have understood, recognized, and accepted all the terms and contents of this document. Please operate in strict accordance with the product use specifications; The users promise to be responsible for their own actions and all consequences arising therefrom.

2. This product is not a toy and is not suitable for people under the age of 18. Please do not let children touch this product, and be careful when operating in the presence of children;

3. This product should not be used in similar scenes such as infants, children, pregnant women, the elderly, disabled people, and densely populated areas (with an interval of less than 1 meter). If the above related personnel are injured or damaged by property due to misoperation, Unitree Robotics will not bear all the losses and consequences arising therefrom;

4. Unauthorized disassembly, modification and informal maintenance of this product are prohibited. Unitree Robotics will not bear any responsibility for all failures and damages caused by the above behaviors;

5. This product is strictly forbidden to be used in unconventional environments (such as high temperature, extreme cold, chemical corrosion, fire blisters). Unitree Robotics will not be responsible for all the above failures and damages;

6. Under normal use, the failure and risk burden caused by normal natural loss of parts and aging of batteries of this product are considered as the risk of normal use of the product, and Unitree Robotics will not bear the corresponding consequences and responsibilities;

7. You promise to comply with laws and regulations applicable to export controls and legal sanctions;

8. you promise not to use the product for the following purposes: including but not limited to supporting for terrorism, nuclear facilities, biological and chemical weapons, and any other military purposes that jeopardize national security and interests; for the design, development, production and use of weapons of mass destruction and their delivery vehicles.

9. you promise that you are not subject to trade restrictions and sanctions or law and regulation restrictions by any country, international organization or region ; otherwise, you may not be able to register or use Unitree Robotics's product functions and services.

10. We are fully aware of the responsibilities and obligations of global operation and are committed to ensuring that our products and services comply with laws and regulations across the globe. We remind all the users that when using our products and services, you should abide by the local laws and regulations. We encourage users to learn about and maintain their rights and obligations under their respective legal frameworks. In order to adapt to the legal requirements of different regions, we may make appropriate adjustments to product features, service content or privacy policies to reach local compliance. As a user, you are responsible for learning and complying with the specific laws of your region, including but not limited to the uploading, sharing, downloading and use of content.

11. The users promise to use this product only for legitimate purposes and agrees to all the terms and contents of the document and any relevant policies or guidelines that may be formulated by Unitree Robotics. Unitree Robotics will not bear all losses and consequences caused by the users’ failure to use the product in accordance with the guide and the user manual.

12. In compliance with laws and regulations, Unitree Robotics has the final right to interpret this document. Unitree Robotics reserves the right to update, revise or terminate these terms without prior notice.